Poll Dorsets

Essential attributes to Athlone Poll Dorsets are that they are well built animals with high growth rates. Additionally we look for shorter, tighter wool, a clean face, sound feet and mouths and reasonably narrow shoulders – for the sake of producing low maintenance lambs.

Athlone rams are kept in optimal condition to ensure peak fertility, and never overfed for the sake of size.

Our Sires

Gooramma 80/19

Birth Type: Twin

Bloodlines: Hillcroft Farms, Gooramma

Weight at purchase 148kg

Stockscan Aug 2020:  EMD 60, EMW 110, Area 50.8, Fat 10

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Gooramma 82/19

Birth Type: Single

Bloodlines: Gooramma ‘Ribeye’, Gooramma ‘Generator’, Gooramma ‘Headway’

Weight at purchase 158kg

Stockscan Aug 2020 EMD 60, EMW 110, Area 50.8, Fat 10

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Gooramma 107/19

Birth Type: Twin

Bloodlines: Gooramma ‘Ribeye’, Gooramma ‘Headway’

Weight at purchase: 141kg

Stockscan Aug 2020:  EMD 62, EMW 110, Area 52.5, Fat 19

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Rene 432/17

Purchased for $7000 in 2018. Achieved 2nd in the Under 1.5 years Woolly NSW Dorset Championship 2018 and 4th Ram Under 1.5 years in Wool ADC Bendigo Sheep Show 2018.

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Rene 419/17

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Hillden 21/17